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Our Team
Great companies are led by great leaders. The Octave leadership team is group of industry experts and visionaries who have spent their career building great products, leading awesome people and testing the boundaries.
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Suraj Nekram
Suku Sukumar
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Head of Engineering
Shavi Gupta

Suraj Nekram is the CEO and is responsible for setting the company’s vision, overall strategy and leading its operations and execution. 

Suku Sukumar is the Chief Product Officer and is responsible for the product vision, strategy and execution.

Shavi Gupta is the Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for managing the company's financials and operational activities. 

Abishek Chinnasamy is the Head of Engineering and is responsible for leading the engineering team and executing on its strategy.

Board members and Advisors

Our Board Members and advisors include members from Newark Venture Partners, Mass Mutual Ventures, Rittenhouse Ventures and leaders from the top 5 global banks.

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