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Company Profile

Purpose built solution designed by banking and technology executives

Octave was founded by former banking and technology executives with decades of experience in the industry.  We have taken our years of experience and applied it to our solutions to minimize the work effort and maximize output.  We are backed by leading venture capital firms and work with some of the most forward thinking leaders in the banking space.  Our solutions are installed in Fortune 500 companies including some of the worlds largest banks. We are 100% customer focused.  Our culture is built around ensuring the highest level of commitment to our customers, employees and investors.  

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Our Mission

Accelerate the speed of which capital projects are evaluated and funded.  Ensure that capital projects are supporting the ESG and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Our Mission
Who we are

Talented leaders from global companies

The Octave team is a group of forward thinknig executives and partitioners from leading companies including Bank of America, Citi bank, Alcatel Lucent, Maximus, Cisco, IBM and many other innovative companies.  Together we bring decades of experience to deliver modern technologies that solves the challenges of evaluating and funding capital projects. Our customers have processed over $60b of projects using our platform and have significantly improved their processes with workflow and data analytics.   

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Who We are
What we do

Innovative SaaS Project Financing Platform

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Octave provides a single source solution for managing the entire lifecycle of financing projects.  We capture the initial customer data during the application process, capture project level data and generate cashflow analysis and other KPI's to help analyze the investment.  Our solution can be mapped to the UN Sustainable Development goals and can assess how investments are meeting these goals. Throughout the process we manage the workflow and different stage gates of the investment with automation.  Our solution can also track the project spend and revenues post investment and deliver real-time performance reports.

What we do
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